Indians Run for the Exits, Taking COVID Risks With Them to Nepal, Dubai From a Dying Nation

Navesh Chitrakar via ReutersAs India logs another 400,000 new infections in a 24-hour period, efforts to contain the worsening crisis have failed and now everyone from middle- class Indians to migrant workers are getting out as fast as they can. Private jets, often used primarily by Bollywood glitterati and business moguls who left weeks ago,…

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The Grove Offers Miscellaneous Practical Counselling Psychology and Mental Health Training Courses in the UK

London, UK — (SBWIRE) — 05/07/2021 — The Grove, a leading provider of CPD Counselling Courses, offers miscellaneous practical counselling psychology and mental health training courses in the UK. They accept applications from psychologists, key workers and caseworkers, psychotherapists, counsellors, mental health nurses, psychiatrists or GPs, or managers in organisations whose concern include mental health…

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