Facebook Owner Meta Sued for Publishing Scam Crypto Ads by Australian Regulator

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has filed a lawsuit against Meta, formerly Facebook, for “publishing scam advertisements featuring prominent Australian public figures.” The regulator said, “The essence of our case is that Meta is responsible for these ads that it publishes on its platform.” Meta Sued for Publishing Cryptocurrency Scam Ads The Australian Competition…

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Train to become a Facebook marketing expert in as little as 34 hours

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. But unfortunately, few entrepreneurs know how to use it properly. To realize its full potential, you first need to understand how Facebook works and then create a plan of attack. Not sure how to do that? Then the Complete 2022 Facebook Marketing Expert Bundle — discounted this week to $29.99 — will help…

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Facebook failed to spot climate misinformation from some of its worst denialist offenders

Facebook may be failing to tag a large amount of climate misinformation posted on its site, a study released today indicates. Researchers from the Center for Counter Digital Hate analyzed 184 exceptionally popular stories from what it identified to be the top ten publishers of climate change denial content in the world (a list that…

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Facebook removed anti-vaccine trucker protest groups run by overseas actors

As anti-vaccine groups in the US attempt to stage their own version of Canada’s disruptive “Freedom Convoy,” foreign content mills have worked to bolster those efforts for their own gains. This week, Facebook parent company Meta told Reuters and NBC News it recently removed several “trucker convoy” groups and pages run by scammers in Vietnam…

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