Star-Forming Galaxies Explain ‘Empty Sky’ Gamma-Rays: Study

Until now, it has been unclear what created gamma-rays that appear in patches of seemingly ‘empty sky.’ “It’s a significant milestone to finally discover the origins of this gamma-ray emission, solving a mystery of the Universe astronomers have been trying to decipher since the 1960s,” said Dr. Matt Roth, an astronomer in the Research School…

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Existential Comfort Without God

Last month, Harvard University named a new Chief Chaplain: Greg Epstein, an atheist. As reported in The New York Times,1 Epstein, the campus humanist chaplain, was unanimously elected to “coordinate the activities of more than 40 university chaplains, who lead the Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and other religious communities on campus.” Perusing the hundreds of…

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All the Ethical (and Ethical Adjacent) Ways to Beat Your Car’s Emissions Test

Driving a well-maintained, regularly serviced automobile is the best method of passing an emissions check; but what are ya, some kind of square? Instead, use the tips below to try and squeeze your carbon-spewing jalopy under the smog-check wire. And if they don’t work, do not try the less-than-ethical, probably…Read more…

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