FBI Given Power To Unlock Capitol Riot Suspect Phone With His Fingerprint

January 6 investigators get a warrant to open devices using a defendant’s fingerprint. Though he’d been accused of assaulting officers with pepper spray, forced fingerprint unlocks remain a legally-questionable power. In a bid to get more information on the activities of a man accused of attending the January 6 Capitol Hill riot and attacking police…

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Goal Zero Yeti 1000X Portable Power Station review: Expandable back up power, at a premium

Goal Zero’s Yeti 1000x Portable Power Station is impressive. It better be, for the price. At $1,400, the 1000X has plenty of capacity to power small appliances, and if you purchase a $250 Yeti Home Integration Kit from Goal Zero, you can connect the 1000X to your home’s electrical system to power essential devices…

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