Report: Microsoft has put Windows 10X on hold

Microsoft has reportedly postponed and possibly cancelled Windows 10X, the simplified alternative to Windows that Microsoft had originally intended to compete with Chromebooks.An initial report from claimed that Windows 10X is not shipping in 2021. Windows Central says it’s confirmed the report as well, stating that development work on Windows 10X has apparently ground…

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Report Calls for ‘Fresh Approach’ to Indigenous Suicide Crisis

Living in safe and clean environments, having access to modern services that individuals find personally meaningful, possessing the necessary skills to function in the 21st century, developing a robust sense of self-worth, engaging in personally meaningful activities, and practising personal responsibility. These are the recommendations of a new Centre for Independent Studies report by Indigenous researcher…

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Federal report focuses on ongoing pathogen threat from raw flour

Warnings are now appearing on the flaps of flour packages. “Cook before sneaking a taste,” says one. Another says “Flour is raw. Please cook fully before enjoying.” And the April 23 edition of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) turned its “Note from the Field” section to a closer look at outbreaks involving flour. “Multistate Outbreak……

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