Audit finds gaps in Icelandic control system

Iceland has been told to strengthen official controls on food of non-animal origin by a unit of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). An audit in March found it was not guaranteed that consignments of products are identified and presented for official controls. This means non-compliant feed and food of non-animal origin entering Iceland from other countries…

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New Research Finds That Childhood Lead Exposure In Black Students Is Linked To Low Test Scores Compared To Their White Peers

The American school system has long faced intense criticism regarding unfair and discriminatory practices as it relates to Black students and national testing—and now new evidence suggests that the issue could be related to health. Courtesy of a just-released study, it was discovered that childhood lead exposure of Black students in predominantly Black neighborhoods is

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New study finds extreme, severe drought impacting the upper Colorado River basin in the second century

The drought currently impacting the upper Colorado River Basin is extremely severe. A new study from federal government and university scientists led by the Bureau of Reclamation and published in Geophysical Research Letters identifies a second-century drought unmatched in severity by the current drought or previously identified droughts…

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