Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Says He Missed a Massive Shift in Social Networking

Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Meta failed to anticipate major changes in social media use that contributed to the success of its rival TikTok, which he called a “very effective competitor.” In an interview with Stratechery on Oct. 12, Zuckerberg said that he “sort of missed” the way that people currently “interact with discovered content” through social

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I Traveled To Facebook’s Soulless (But Popular) Metaverse So You Don’t Have To

The metaverse is supposed to be the future, so it’s got the world buzzing with excitement. Hilariously, though, the prominence of the “futuristic” buzzword has caused old footage of digital worlds to explode on social media, largely driven by the fact that nobody really understands what the hell the metaverse actually…Read more…

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Facebook’s embattled cryptocurrency project is likely coming to an end

Illustration by William Joel / The Verge More than two years after it was first announced, the Facebook-sponsored cryptocurrency formerly known as Libra appears to be coming to an end. The Diem Association set up by Facebook to manage the digital token is exploring a sale of its assets after meeting resistance by regulators who…

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