Trump’s pardon of Lil’ Wayne said to be the breaking point for QAnon Shaman in new court documents filled with bizarre anecdotes

Summary List PlacementThe QAnon Shaman is a published author. You can buy his books on Amazon.  The QAnon Shaman has been known to “capture and release” insects rather than kill them. And the QAnon Shaman reflected on his life choices when former President Donald Trump pardoned rapper Lil’ Wayne at the end of his presidency…

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Trump’s former fixer Cohen interviewed by Manhattan DA’s office and newly hired litigator By Reuters

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Michael Cohen, the former lawyer for U.S. President Donald Trump, arrives back at home after being released from prison in New York By Jason Szep and Peter Eisler (Reuters) – The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and a newly hired high-profile litigator interviewed Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, on Thursday, as…

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Trump’s scathing letter attacking Mitch McConnell could have been nastier, according to a new report

Summary List PlacementFormer President Donald Trump’s blistering letter attacking Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell could have been much worse, Politico and The New York Times reported Tuesday. On Tuesday, Trump lashed out at McConnell in a scathing statement through his Save America PAC, calling him a “dour, sullen, unsmiling political hack” and urged GOP senators…

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Trump’s claim about predecessors, fallen troops disputed

File photo of President Donald Trump by Joshua Roberts/Reuters WASHINGTON — For U.S. presidents, meeting the families of military personnel killed in war is about as wrenching as the presidency gets. President Donald Trump’s suggestion Monday that his predecessors fell short in that duty brought a visceral reaction from those who witnessed those grieving encounters.…

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Trump’s Policies Resulted In The Unnecessary Deaths Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans: Lancet Report

Updated Feb 11, 2021, 12:15pm EST Topline Decades of policy failures that the Trump Administration exacerbated resulted in more than 450,000 unnecessary American deaths in 2018, with tens of thousands of additional deaths in other years also attributable to President Donald Trump’s actions, according to a report published Thursday from a commission of health experts…

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During the 2nd day of Trump’s impeachment trial, these chilling videos of violence and close calls were used to make a damning case against the former president

Summary List PlacementThe second day of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial focused on the former president’s speeches, tweets, and supporters, as House impeachment managers used never-before-seen video and audio clips to try and make the case that Trump’s incendiary claims of election-fraud starting back in mid-2020, directly led to the deadly insurrection at the US…

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