‘The Evidence Is Overwhelming’: Manchin Says Trump ‘Absolutely’ Incited Insurrection

Topline Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) a conservative Democrat who often breaks with his party on key votes, signaled that he is firmly in support of convicting President Donald Trump when the Senate meets to consider articles of impeachment. Key Facts In a https://twitter.com/FiringLineShow/status/1350185994423726080?s=20″ aria-label=”PBS Firing Line…

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‘The Man Standing Next’ Director on Following ‘Parasite’ as Korea’s Next Oscar Contender

The historic victory of “Parasite” at last year’s Oscars has put Korean cinema under a brighter spotlight than ever before. Now “The Man Standing Next” director Woo Min-ho is hoping his political thriller will follow in the footsteps of the first non-English Best Picture winner as South Korea’s selection for the 2021 Best International Film category.…

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Hulu’s ‘The Ultimate Playlist of Noise’ is a lesson in how not to write a female love interest

I was a little worried about Hulu’s recent film release, The Ultimate Playlist of Noise, even before I watched it. The trailer teased a fair amount of young adult entertainment tropes, including that of the sick-teen-in-love, found in films like The Fault in Our Stars (2014) and Five Feet Apart (2019), based on young adult…

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“The Stink of His Family Is Nearly Impossible to Get Off”: Jared and Ivanka’s Final Chapter in Washington Demolished Their Future

After Trump supporters staged an insurrection at the Capitol, Javanka’s remaining social capital—and the fear that accompanied it—has dried up. Says one former friend of Ivanka’s: “How do you associate yourself with the worst, most toxic people in U.S. history?”

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Ratings: ‘The Masked Dancer’ Episode 2 Tanks vs Capitol Coverage

Fox’s “The Masked Dancer” plummeted in ratings with its second episode, which faced some unique competition on broadcast television. The silly dancing show went up against a lot of live news coverage of Wednesday’s riots in and around the U.S. Capitol Building. NBC’s news division won the night (on broadcast at least), according to Nielsen.…

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