SpaceX Starlink Rapid Software Updates Beat Russian Jamming Attacks

SpaceX Starlink was able to rapidly upgrade whenever a new Russian jamming threat appeared. This enabled Starlink to maintain Ukraine’s communications. Dave Tremper, the Pentagon’s director of electronic warfare said that the US military has to adopt the speed of SpaceX response. “We have to be able to change our electromagnetic posture…

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Elon Musk pledges to send Starlink terminals to Ukraine

With Russia’s invasion causing significant damage to Ukraine’s internet infrastructure, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said on Saturday his company would bring its Starlink satellite internet service to the country. “Starlink service is now active in Ukraine,” Musk said on Twitter. “More terminals in route.”Starlink service is now active in Ukraine…

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SpaceX’s Starlink internet service has more than 145,000 users so far

A Starlink user terminal, also known as an antenna or satellite dish, on the roof of a building.(Photo:-SpaceX)Elon Musk’s SpaceX provided an update on its Starlink internet service on Thursday, as the company launched more satellites into orbit. SpaceX engineer Jessie Anderson said during a webcast of the company’s first launch of the year that Starlink…

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Version 2 Starlink with Lasers and Gen 2 SpaceX Starlink Bigger and Faster

SpaceX has launched the first Starlink v1.5 satellites which have laser communication between satellites. Starlink v2.0 satellites will also launch within the next three months in 2021. Version 2.0 satellites will be significantly more capable. SpaceX will transition to Gen2 satellites which will be larger and much faster. SpaceX started launching v1.5 Starlink satellites with…

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