The Russian Army Doesn’t Have Enough Trucks To Defeat Ukraine Fast

The Kremlin has used trains—hundreds of them with many thousands of cars, in total—to stage along the Russia-Ukraine border weapons, vehicles and supplies for an army of around 100,000 troops. If Russian President Vladimir Putin pulls the proverbial trigger and orders that army to roll west into Ukraine’s restive Donbas region, those same trains will…

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Russian Intelligence Service Wants More Power to Seize Crypto, Freeze Wallets

Russia’s answer to the American FBI, the Investigative Committee of Russia, has called upon the government to grant it the power to seize crypto and freeze wallets. In an interview with the media outlet Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the committee’s Chairman Alexander Bastrykin stated that the “decentralized nature of the issuance” of what he called “digital currencies”…

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