Nintendo Adding Sharp As Switch Manufacturing Partner Could Boost Q4 Sales Year-On-Year

Switch is in for a decent final quarter.Bloomberg is reporting that Nintendo has increased Switch production by partnering with a manufacturing site based in Malaysia owned by Japanese tech giant Sharp.According to sources close to the matter, Nintendo has taken on this additional production stream to satisfy demand and future-proof against any potential issues caused…

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Nintendo Enlists Brie Larson And Awkwafina To Expand Switch’s Reach This Christmas

The stars show off why Switch is the must-have console.You could argue that any money Nintendo spends on marketing the Switch this Christmas is a waste, given that the console is selling like hotcakes and awareness is already super-high, but it’s worth remembering that the hybrid system now has two next-gen rivals to contend with…

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The Nintendo 3DS Has Received Its First Firmware Update In Nearly A Year

Dust off your 3DS and plug it back in the start charging–Nintendo’s beloved handheld has received its first firmware update in nearly a year. It’s not a major or important one, though–just a nice little reminder that the 3DS exists.The new update, which takes the system to version 11.14.0-46U, contains a single update line that…

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