A new perspective on the journey to net-zero | Amina J. Mohammed

Climate action can be a vehicle to deliver dignity, opportunity and equality for all. UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed invites us to reimagine what the journey to net-zero could look like if we invest in people’s climate efforts while prioritizing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals — a blueprint of interlinked global goals to protect…

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“Blind Journey: Journalist’s Memoirs,” a New Book by Jack Hawn, Tells the Story of Journalism at Its Peak

Jack Hawn, author of “Blind Journey: A Journalist’s Memoirs” (Strategic Book Group; 2011), shares the memoir of a journalist’s 43-year career. The story begins with the author’s uncharted and inescapable career of becoming a journalist and how Jack Hawn’s career just happened. – – Jack never studied journalism and never aspired to be a writer…

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