Goose Island Beer Company Release NFTs With Rare Experiences Included

Hear ye hear ye, today is the day! Goose Island Beer Co is releasing its first ever NFT collection: The Goose Island Barrel House Collection of NFTs. This collection will feature Chicago’s most famous Bourbon County Stout, in conjunction with its 30th anniversary. Goose Island Beer Company’s Bourbon County Stout The company is releasing 2,022…

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Rhode Island Woman Honored with Joseph G.E. Knight Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence

Katrinkles founder and owner Katherine Westcott has been awarded the 2022 Joseph G.E. Knight Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence. The Knight Award is a recognition of a successful small business owner that SCORE Rhode Island ( has worked with for many years. The award was presented by SCORE chapter co-chair James Mutschler…

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“Angler Island,” by Brad A. LaMar, Tells the Story of an Island Survivor Who Battles a Mysterious Evil

“Angler Island” (Page Publishing, 2021) by Brad A. LaMar is the story of a highly advanced, billion-dollar company-owned utopia of technological innovations that could help heal the world, but soon finds that mysterious forces and insidious plots are at work in this would-be paradise. The story begins after a dangerous cruise ship crash…

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