Bayer introduces agricultural system for direct-seeded rice with potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water use by up to 40 percent

Manila, Philippines, October 16, 2023 – On UN World Food Day, Bayer announced the introduction of its direct-seeded rice (DSR) system at the 6th International Rice Congress in Manila. Moving from transplanted puddled rice cultivation to direct-seeded rice can help farmers to reduce water use by up to 40 percent…

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CopperSound Introduces Kingpin & Iris Pedals

CopperSound introduces a new mini, germanium overdrive, and a streamlined compression pedal.A mini, two-stage FET overdrive designed to be full of warm characteristics and Germanium sweetness.Although typically associated with vintage fuzz pedals, Kingpin’s Germanium aspect takes the form of clipping diodes as opposed to transistors, overdriving your signal with bell-like clarity and an artful touch

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