Feature: What’s The Best Way To Play Super Mario Bros. In 2020?

Flag poll.As Nintendo has been reminding us this year, Super Mario Bros. is thirty-five years old. Shigeru Miyamoto’s classic has seen more than its fair share of re-releases, remasters and re-jigs over the decades and these days we’re really spoiled for choice when it comes to playing the quintessential 2D platformer.Seeing a whole bunch of…

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Feature: Ace Attorney’s Hidden Legacy: The Evidence Capcom Didn’t Present To The West

Despite long-standing objections, it seems the Great Ace Attorney is finally being localised.To say Capcom is having a rough time recently would be putting it mildly. Having been subjected to a “customised ransomware attack”, we’ve witnessed no end of leaks about upcoming plans for the next few years, but amongst this all, one particular reveal…

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