Highly efficient acousto-optic modulation using non-suspended thin-film lithium niobate-chalcogenide hybrid waveguides

Traditional acousto-optic (AO) devices based on bulk crystal materials have weak energy confinement abilities for both photons and phonons, leading to a low AO interaction strength. Compared with bulk materials, photonic integrated circuits (PICs) allow surface acoustic waves (SAWs) to be well confined within the thin film used to disturb the guided light waves…

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BASF sets a new standard for efficient product development of sustainable cosmetics with the launch of Emollient Maestro

– • State-of-the-art digital product designer to identify optimal emollient mixes based on various parameters – • AI-empowered simulation enables faster, more targeted prototyping and efficient product development – • Sophisticated upgrade of the BASF Emollient Jockey – – – With the introduction of its  Emollient Maestro…

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