Big win for Democrats: Senate parliamentarian to allow 2 more bills to bypass a potential GOP filibuster

Summary List PlacementThe Senate parliamentarian on Monday cleared the way for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to use reconciliation to pass two additional pieces of legislation, allowing them to bypass a potential GOP filibuster, Schumer’s office said. The legislation can pass with standard majority votes, instead of two-thirds majority support in the Senate. This could…

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Democrats Eye Medicare Negotiations to Lower Drug Prices

Progressive and conservative Democratic lawmakers, as well as President Joe Biden, are in favor of authorizing federal officials to negotiate with drugmakers over what Medicare pays for at least some of the most expensive brand-name drugs and to base those prices on the drugs’ clinical benefits. Such a measure could put Republicans in the uncomfortable…

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U.S. House Democrats Propose 4,350 Earmarks A Year Costing $13 Billion

Congressional earmarks are back. The Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives will allow up to $13 billion in earmarks on House appropriations bills, 10 per member, for a total of up to 4,350 earmarks for fiscal year 2022. House Republicans released a statement arguing that earmarks are a pathway to congressional corruption. One…

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