Black History Month means grappling with the full legacy of racism in the US | Rashawn Ray

Learning our history is about truth. But it is also about reconciliation: making amends for the pain caused to generations of Black AmericansIn 1926, Carter G Woodson started “Negro History Week” to rectify the fact that Black people “were overlooked, ignored, and even suppressed by the writers of history textbooks and the teachers who use…

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The first black hole ever discovered is more massive than we thought

Einstein first predicted the existence of black holes when he published his theory of general relativity in 1916, describing how gravity shapes the fabric of spacetime. But astronomers didn’t spot one until 1964, some 6,070 light-years away in the Cygnus constellation. Geiger counters launched into space detected cosmic x-rays coming from a region called Cygnus…

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