The Transition to Joe Biden’s Presidency Has Begun. But Donald Trump Won’t Talk About Losing

President Donald Trump made two public appearances on Tuesday, something that’s become increasingly rare since he lost the election. He appeared fleetingly in the White House briefing room to talk about the stock market and progress on coronavirus vaccines, and later participated in the annual presidential turkey pardon, where he spoke about the upcoming Thanksgiving…

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Transcript: Joe Biden’s Cabinet

A transcript of Episode 20 of The Politics of Everything, “Fantasizing About Joe Biden’s Cabinet.” Alex Pareene: I’m Alex Pareene. I’m a staff writer at The New Republic.Laura Marsh: And I’m Laura Marsh, the magazine’s literary editor.Alex: Today we’re talking about Joe Biden’s Cabinet.Laura: This is The Politics of Everything.Alex: We are joined now by The New Republic’s own Jason Linkins and Osita Nwanevu, two…

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Biden’s infrastructure plans could boost startups

As President-elect Joe Biden readies his transition team and sets the agenda for his first 100 days in office, startups can expect to see some movement on long-stalled infrastructure initiatives that could mean big boosts to their business. Infrastructure is high on the list of priorities of the incoming Biden Administration as the former vice…

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