On the Market – Los Angeles, CA Dunkin’ Donuts Network With Territory Development Rights and a Wholly Owned Central Manufacturing Location!

(RestaurantNews.com)  JCM Franchise Development is pleased to announce an engagement to provide lead advisory services for the sale of a Dunkin’ Donuts network in Los Angeles, CA. The Los Angeles network consists of four existing restaurants. This very unique opportunity also includes the following deal attributes: An expansive eleven-unit Store Development Agreement (SDA) Exclusive territory……

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Los Angeles Coronavirus Update: Fauci, L.A. Officials Warn Of “A Surge On Top Of A Surge in 2-3 Weeks” After Thanksgiving Gatherings, Travel; Would Be “Worst Case Scenario” Realized

“We expect unfortunately, as we go into the next couple of weeks into December, that we might see a surge superimposed on top of the surge that we’re already in.” That was Dr. Anthony Fauci on Meet the Press this past Sunday. See a clip of Fauci’s comments below. His concerns were echoed on Monday…

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Los Angeles Police Department bans the use of third-party facial recognition technology

The law enforcement organization has allegedly been taking advantage of software provided by highly-controversial facial recognition tech company Clearview to track down criminals. According to a report from Buzzfeed News, over 25 LAPD employees performed nearly 475 searches as of “earlier this year,” so officers have certainly gotten a decent…

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