US Senator Says TikTok Divestiture Period Could Be Extended to One Year — Putting a ‘Ban’ Into 2025

The chair of the US Senate Commerce Committee said that the TikTok divestiture period could be extended to one year, pushing a potential ‘ban’ into 2025. After the US House of Representatives voted an overwhelming 352-65 last month in favor of giving TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance approximately six months to divest its US TikTok

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“During Covid I took an Olympic Pearl White body, took apart one of my signatures, and made the first prototype”: Fender honors influential worship guitarist Lincoln Brewster with a new-look signature Strat – and it’s even more desirable than his first

Brewster was told his desired Olympic Pearl White finish had never been done in nitrocellulose lacquer before – but it became a reality for his second signature Stratocaster…

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