Trevor Noah’s Reply To Kanye West’s ‘Coon’ Slur Is How We Show Love Even When We Disagree

Trevor Noah ended up on Kanye West’s radar for his commentary on the ongoing feud between Kayne, his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and Pete Davidson, with Kanye West calling him a coon. However, Trevor Noah replied with grace, admiration, and black solidarity. Trevor Noah Responds To Kanye’s ‘Coon’ Slur Kanye West called Trevor Noah a ‘coon’…

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Trevor Gretzky Takes A Swing At Acting, Joins Heavy Hitter Bruce Willis In ‘American Siege’

Hollywood’s latest onscreen pairing is Bruce Willis and minor league ballplayer turned actor Trevor Gretzky. The veteran action hero and the cub thespian have shot five films together in just the past couple of years, all written and helmed by Australian filmmaker Edward Drake. In American Siege , their latest pairing, the duo play law…

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