Teclast T40 Plus: Affordable LTE tablet in review

Teclast has already appeared frequently in our news and with hands-on tests of the [Teclast M40](Teclast-M40-hands-on-Powerful-hardware-for-the-price-but-with-a-few-problems-and-apparently-stuck-on-Android-10.528161.0.html) and [Teclast P20HD](Teclast-P20HD-hands-on-Not-perfect-but-certainly-a-great-Android-10-tablet-for-its-price.503739.0.html) we could already get an impression of the manufacturer’s quality. With the Teclast T40 Plus, a tablet is now offered that could be an alternative to other inexpensive devices thanks to LTE and a price of…

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