How marketers are tackling TV advertising in the connected age

Connected TV presents a significant marketing opportunity for advertisers moving into 2022 and beyond, with improvements in measurement, technology and format providing new insights and revenue opportunities.  “Marketers are in the process of reorienting themselves and seeing CTV as a channel that can perform because it’s fundamentally programmatic advertising,” said Ali Haeri…

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Greta Lee on Tackling Racism and Anti-Asian Hate in ‘The Morning Show’s’ COVID-Era Season 2

This story contains spoilers from the fifth episode of the second season of Apple’s The Morning Show, “Ghosts.”] Stella Bak is a boss, Greta Lee wants everyone to know. And, she’s really good at it. Lee joined Apple TV+’s The Morning Show for season two and has been making her mark at the show’s fictional network home…

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