Best Of 2021: Retro Nintendo Games Cost Too Much, But Nostalgia Is Expensive

Second-hand Nintendo games are notoriously pricey, but why?Over the holidays we’re republishing some of our best features, interviews, opinion pieces and talking points from the previous 12 months from staff and contributors alike — articles that we feel represent our best of 2021. In them you’ll find our usual mix of thoughtfulness…

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Possible Retro Game Grading Inconsistencies Come To Light Following Fraud Allegations

Another wrinkle in the unfolding WATA drama?Over the past couple of days, investigations by both Proof journalist Seth Abramson and YouTuber Karl Jobst have shone a light on alleged foul play and collusion between retro game grading service WATA and auction house Heritage Auctions. Copies of NES games have recently sold for record-breaking prices —…

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