Kimmel Has a Useful COVID-Style Tier System for Restarting Your Social Life (Video)

On Thursday Jimmy Kimmel kicked off his monologue with a look at how things are, slowly but surely, returning to something like normal after more than a year of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. And he rolled out a surprisingly useful guide for people trying to reenter their social lives during the discussion. Modeled after the…

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Kimmel Hopes Trump Gets His Twitter Back if He Goes to Jail (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel is fairly convinced that Donald Trump will escape any real legal consequences from the new criminal investigation into the Trump organization. But if Trump actually faces justice, Kimmel says he hopes they give the disgraced ex-president his Twitter account. The joke came Wednesday during Kimmel’s opening monologue when he talked about the news…

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Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell’s ‘Delusion-Palooza’

ABCMyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is currently engaged in a 48-hour livestream marathon to promote his new “social media” “platform,” and when he wasn’t lashing out at various writers for The Daily Beast he was expressing his disappointment with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.“Thank you for joining us on what was, I have to admit, one of…

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