PlayStation Investing in External Japanese Team and Growing PlayStation Studios

PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst speaking with GameInformer said Sony Interactive Entertainment is investing in its external development team in Tokyo, Japan.
“I will say that we are in some ways very much a Japanese company still,” says Hulst. “That’s our heritage. That’s still part of who we are. We love our Japanese games.”
Hulst discussed the restructuring of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio, which is now known as Team ASOBI.
“We’re building out Team Asobi under Nicolas Doucet, so we’re actually investing in that team,” he added. “People forget sometimes that we have Polyphony Digital, which is a team in two locations.”
“We are investing in our external development group out of Tokyo as well, and that’s a team that has obviously worked with the likes of From Software and Kojima Productions. So we are very invested in Japanese development and Japanese development is something that we love … I think it’s such a core part of the PlayStation identity that I can’t ever see us shy away from Japanese or even Asian development.”

Hulst wants to keep the momentum going at PlayStation by continuing to grow PlayStation Studios.
“We are growing PlayStation Studios,” said Hulst. “We are investing in the amazing teams we have. We are signing up new developers. We continue to focus on quality. We continue to focus on experiences that in my mind are experiences that matter – that sometimes only could have been created by us. That’s what I stand for. And I will ensure that we’re going to carry on making those.”
He also discussed PlayStation releasing games on PC and how there is usually two years between a release on the PlayStation and the PC port. 
“Typically, there have been about two years between the release on our platform and the PC platform,” he said “But you can rely on us to continue to create platform-defining exclusive content for PlayStation – that’s part of the reason why we exist. It’s really important for us to squeeze the maximum out of the platform, to build showcases for the platform, and really let the audience see what these great features are contributing to the overall experience.”

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