New Jersey Landlord: I Can’t Evict Renter With Pigeon ‘Nailed to Door’

NBC NewsWhether it includes the dead pigeon nailed to the threshold or the pile of rotting chicken carcasses that had been bled out is unclear, but New Jersey authorities say a man who claims to be a Santeria doctor kept at least 22 farm animals, including grazing goats, in his rented row house.“I help people with cancer, ladies that not pregnant, people with psoriasis,” renter Emilio Otero said, according to NBC News. Santeria is a religion developed in Cuba that revolves around sacrificing animals for food. “It’s legal, legally [in] the United States … you respect the religion,” he said.The Jersey City row house is owned by active duty Navy sailor Alyza Brevard-Rodriguez, a new mother who has been featured in local media for her Sw3at Sauna business. Brevard-Rodriguez said she could not evict Otero—who has not been arrested or charged with a crime—due to a moratorium on evictions during the coronavirus pandemic.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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