Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot doing parkour

This is incredible (chilling?) video of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot doing parkour.

Parkour is the perfect sandbox for the Atlas team at Boston Dynamics to experiment with new behaviors. In this video our humanoid robots demonstrate their whole-body athletics, maintaining its balance through a variety of rapidly changing, high-energy activities. Through jumps, balance beams, and vaults, we demonstrate how we push Atlas to its limits to discover the next generation of mobility, perception, and athletic intelligence.

It’s truly amazing (terrifying?) that this isn’t CGI but actual physical robots doing this stuff in real life. Let’s just hope they find parkour to be more enjoyable than killing humans because obviously it’s just a matter of time before they get a taste of both.

Keep going for the video as well as a behind the scenes of how they’re teaching Atlas to do these beautiful (horrifying?) things.
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