Captain America 4 Deal Reportedly Signed With Anthony Mackie

The next movie in the Captain America franchise will star Anthony Mackie, according to a report from Deadline. Mackie will once again play Sam Wilson, donning the mantle of Captain America, which he played in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.According to Deadline’s sources, not else is known about the Marvel movie at this time. Captain America 4 was originally announced back in April. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s head writer, Malcom Spellman, is spearheading the new movie. Spellman will write the script with Dalan Musson–both of whom worked on the Marvel Disney+ series together. No director has been attached at this time.As for some of Wilson’s friends he’s made along the way, like Bucky (Sebastian Stan), it’s unknown who else could appear in the film. Seeing as Disney+ show ended with US Agent (Wyatt Russell) being taken under the wing of Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus)–who also appeared in Black Widow’s post-credit sequence–there is a chance they could both return for the film. And that means there’s a possibility of a newly rebuilt Hydra. But again, no details for the upcoming series have been revealed, so this is just speculation based on where Wilson’s story ended on the Disney+ show.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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