LogMeOnce review: The passwordless password manager

Password managers relieve users of the burden of remembering all their passwords except one—the master password. As the key that unlocks access to all your other passwords, it is a single point of failure. Forget it and you’re up the proverbial creeks. LogMeOnce solves this problem by not requiring a master password (though it’s still an option if you want to use it) and using biometric, numeric PIN, and photo logins to provide access to your password vault.Other than this unique passwordless access, LogMeOnce operates similarly to other password managers. It allows you to store and synchronize passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and sensitive files across your devices and secures it all with end-to-end encryption. It includes a strong-password generator that creates passwords of up to 128 random letters, numbers, and special characters. And it audits the strength of your existing passwords, alerting you to any that are too simple or overly used so you can improve the security of your login credentials.To read this article in full, please click here
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