Picture-in-picture is finally coming to YouTube for iOS users

It’s finally on its way, folksYouTube will allow iOS free users to keep consuming content in the background — at least, kind of.  
It comes in the form of a picture-in-picture (PIP) feature, where you’ll be able to exit the YouTube app and still have your video play in a smaller screen that remains on the screen. This is different from the previous minimize feature, where users can make their current video play in a smaller screen but only while they’re still browsing within the YouTube app. 
There is a catch, of courseAccording to MacRumors, the PIP feature is coming to Premium subscribers first (it’s currently rolling out). But YouTube does promise that the feature will be available to all users, paying or not, sometime soon.  Read more…More about Tech, Youtube, Tech, Consumer Tech, and Big Tech Companies
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