Samantha Bee reacts to ‘conservative handwringing’ over critical race theory

There’s an ongoing debate happening around how the history of racism in America should be taught in schools, with critical race theory back at the centre of it all. But despite its recent politicization by conservatives, the theory has been around since the ’70s, as a means to critically examine and address structures of power, white supremacy, and its long-lasting impact on racism and inequality in the U.S.
“While conservatives have appropriated critical race theory as a catch-all scare term for basically any conversation about teaching the history of race in America, the actual concept of it has been around for decades and — big surprise! — it’s really not scandalous at all,” says Samantha Bee in a Full Front segment on the topic, aired Wednesday.  Read more…More about Racism, Samantha Bee, Culture, Discrimination, and Talk Show
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