How AMD’s 3D V-Cache can increase Ryzen performance by up to 25 percent

AMD said Monday evening at Computex 2021 that it has evolved its chiplet architecture into 3D chiplets, specifically what it calls 3D V-Cache technology. By itself, the technology promises performance gains for its Ryzen and Epyc processors that can touch 25 percent.AMD has made “great progress” on its 3D chiplet technology, and should debut it in its “highest-end products” by the end of 2021, AMD chief executive Dr. Lisa Su said during a Computex keynote address.3D V-Cache allows AMD to take a Ryzen 5000 mobile processor and connect a 64MB SRAM cache directly on top of it.Su showed off a Ryzen 9 5900X, AMD’s fastest gaming CPU, and then compared it to a prototype 5900X with 3D V-Cache attached to it. In Xbox Game Studios’ Gears 5, frame rates improved by 12 percent. In other games, also using an identically clocked 5900X, performance increased 4 to 25 percent, for an average of 14 percent, Su said.To read this article in full, please click here
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