Don Lemon Loses It Over Rick Santorum’s CNN Return: ‘It Was Horrible and Insulting!’

CNNCNN anchor Don Lemon was absolutely beside himself on Monday night after CNN political commentator Rick Santorum showed no contrition during his first on-air appearance after his offensive remarks about Native American culture. Apologizing to viewers, Lemon said it was “horrible and insulting” that Santorum tried to “whitewash” his comments.Santorum sparked intense backlash last month when he claimed that “there isn’t much Native American culture in American culture” during a speech for a right-wing student organization. The former Pennsylvania senator also claimed Christian European settlers “birthed a nation from nothing” and that “there was nothing” in America before their arrival.Despite calls from Native American groups for CNN to fire Santorum, the network did not provide any public statement about Santorum or his remarks. Instead, CNN pointed media outlets to an outside spokesperson for the ex-senator, who said Santorum “had no intention of minimizing or in any way devaluing Native American culture.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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