The Comfort Revolution is dead. Long live the Comfort Revolution.

In a time of increasingly promising pandemic-related news in the United States — new cases are dropping as vaccinations continue — it brings me displeasure to report a bit of bad news: The Comfort Revolution may be coming to an end. 
The Comfort Revolution is a phrase entirely invented by me and my editor, but you likely know what I mean. During the pandemic we’ve been comfy. Amid the horrifying COVID crisis — which created a new reality in which many folks worked from home and could no longer socialize — getting dressed up made zero sense. Work Zoom calls in soft pants, and hoodies, and no make-up, and t-shirts, glorious t-shirts, became normalized. Putting on a shirt with buttons or pants with a zipper became an event, in and of itself. Read more…More about Comfortable, Culture, Work Life, and Health
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