Poll: What’s The Best Mega Man Game?

Rate every Mega Man game on Nintendo systems.Capcom’s blue bomber and his various successors, companions and assorted compadres might have had a quiet few years a while back, but a string of more recent collections — not to mention the excellent Mega Man 11 — have helped put the little robot dude back on the gaming map in a way that fans could only have dreamed of a decade ago.The Mega Man games, in all their various permutations and flavours, offer some of the best experiences you can get on a console, so it’s about time we got down to ranking the lot of them. Yes, rather than split the offshoots into their various branches, we’ve decided to create an all-conquering uber-list of every Mega Man game on Nintendo systems, ranked for your pleasure.Read the full article on nintendolife.com
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