This $22 gadget is the weirdest thing I’ve seen go viral on TikTok… but it’s mesmerizing

There are so many awesome kitchen gadgets out there these days. And the best part is the fact that most of the cool stuff you can find out there is priced so reasonably that you’d have to be crazy not to get it. For example, we recently told our readers about an awesome $37 Amazon find that I can’t cook without anymore, and then we showed you a crazy kitchen gadget that went viral on TikTok, and now it keeps selling out at Amazon.
Speaking of TikTok, it’s an endless source of cool finds these days. We’ve been digging around the app a whole lot lately and our efforts have paid off time and time again. The latest treasure we managed to dig up is a crazy $22 kitchen gadget on Amazon that went mega-viral. It’s definitely the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen go viral on TikTok… but it’s also absolutely mesmerizing and I need one in my life immediately.
We can pretty much guarantee that you’ve never heard of the Starfrit Electric Rotato Express before. At least not unless you saw the TikTok by @jenn-aayyy that went super viral. As of the time of this writing, her video has been watched more than 8.7 million times by TikTokers who can’t believe how simple but awesome this crazy gadget is.
Do you hate peeling potatoes? Of course you do — everyone hates it. Well, that’s where this awesome little gadget comes in. Check out the video on TikTok to see how it works:
As you can see, the Starfrit Electric Rotato Express couldn’t be any easier to use. Just stick the potato on the little spike, lower the top arm to hold it in place, and press the bottom. Like magic, your potato starts to spin and the Rotato Express peels the entire thing for you.
Where has this thing been all my life?!
The Rotato Express is an awesome gift for yourself or for just about anyone in your life, and it retails for just $25. Head over to Amazon and snag one today, however, and you’ll save 13%.
Here are some highlights from the Amazon listing:
It’s not just for potatoes! Try peeling these: Cucumbers, Zucchinis, Eggplant, Sweet potatoes, Lemons, Limes, Radishes, Kiwis, Peaches, Pears, Apples, Beets, Tomatoes, Turnips, Onions.
No waste: Peeling is quick and easy with the Electric Rotato Peeler. It peels just the skin without wasting any of the nutritious parts of the vegetable.
It’s quick: Plop on a potato, peel it and pare it in 10 seconds flat! The Electric Rotato Peeler instantly peels at the push of a button. It stops automatically when the peeling is over.
No need to touch or hold the vegetable while it’s peeling
Non-slip base
Comes with 2 spare blades stored underneath the unit
Comes with a thumb knife to pare potatoes
Includes a 6 V adaptor

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