An ode to pandemic pen pals

Until about a year ago, I had never bought stamps.
I knew how to send mail, thanks to an elementary school lesson tucked away in the recesses of my memory, but I could probably count the number of times I had actually written a letter on one hand. Since last year, writing letters has become one of the few ways to make new friends that doesn’t feel like exhausting or risk contracting and spreading COVID.  
When the pandemic first moved all socializing online, I embraced it; Zoom happy hours were still a novelty and gathering friends for virtual birthday parties felt like a noble effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The longer the pandemic continues, though, the more tiring it is to maintain a social life entirely though online interactions. It’s especially discouraging to keep up when so many others gave up on social distancing months ago.  Read more…More about Social Media, Pandemic, Culture, and Web Culture
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