Ark Invest Big Ideas for 2021

Ark Invest has 15 big ideas for 2021 and these are their main investment themes. Ark Invest now has funds with $50 billion in assets. 1. Deep Learning. From $2 trillion in market cap today to $30 trillion by 2037. 2. Reinvention of the Data Center (mainly cloud computing and GPU, ARM/RISC V. $60 billion in revenue by 2030) 3. Virtual Worlds 4. Digital Wallets 5. Bitcoin Fundamentals 6. Bitcoin – Preparing for Institutions 7. Electric Vehicles 8. Automation 9. Autonomous Ridehailing (robotaxis) 10. Delivery Drones 11. Orbital Aerospace 12. 3d Printing. From $12 Billion now to $120 billion in
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