Amazon has Purell wipes at the lowest price we’ve seen since 2019

Purell sanitizing wipes have been so difficult to find in stores and even online since the coronavirus pandemic began more than a year ago.
Not only are they in stock right now at Amazon, but they’re also down to the lowest price we’ve seen since 2019.
These Purell alcohol wipes are in very high demand so they could sell out at any time.
It has now been about a year since the coronavirus pandemic began, yet it’s still so difficult to find some key essentials like Purell hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes in many stores across the country. New coronavirus case numbers have come down quite a bit recently, but it’s expected to be quite some time before we can put the pandemic behind us. Because of that, so many people are still stocking up on essentials.
Thankfully, we have some great news for you today: Amazon now has plenty of Purell hand sanitizer in stock at the lowest prices we’ve found. In fact, other than Powecom KN95 face masks, Purell is currently the most popular product our readers are buying. Top listings include Purell 12oz pump bottles and Purell 1oz travel bottles — both of which are sold directly by Amazon. But that’s not the only great news we have about Purell products.
For the first time in quite a while, Alcohol-based Purell Sanitizing Hand Wipes are in stock on Amazon. What’s more, prices right now are lower than we’ve seen them since back in 2019, long before the coronavirus pandemic began.
These are individually-wrapped Purell wipes that have 70% ethyl alcohol content. Purell also makes wipes that use benzalkonium chloride instead of alcohol, and those are the ones you typically see online. But these alcohol-based Purell wipes are the ones most of our readers seem to be looking for though, so now is the time to stock up if you’ve been searching for them.
Of note, we’ve included two different listings below so you’ve got a backup in case one of them sells out.
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