Back to the Future: Testing Out Home Robot Bartenders

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/ShutterstockI’ve always wanted a flying car like the ones in The Jetsons. But despite 80 years of flubbed attempts, and an awful lot of ink spilled over at Popular Science, I still don’t have one in my driveway—and it’s not even close.But I do have a robot in my kitchen that makes cocktails. So that’s cool, right?The folks at Bartesian sent me this thing. It’s big, it takes up more room than the coffeemaker, but it holds four large glass tanks of liquor: whiskey, tequila, vodka and an interchangeable slot for rum or gin. You fill those up with your favorite spirits, which is a nice nod to customization, and there is a built-in water reservoir that’s used for dilution.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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