The best new mobile roguelikes of 2020

When it comes to subgenres, there are so many of them! Roguelike, or Roguelites as they are sometimes also known, is a subgenre of the RPG genre. There are lots and lots of roguelikes released each and every year – with 2020 being no expectation. Roguelikes are defined as dungeon crawlers with procedurally generated levels, turn-based gameplay, tile-based graphics and often perma-death within the game.

Yeah, they are hardcore. Procedurally generated levels mean that each time you play the game, the levels will be slightly different, as they are generated on the playthrough. This amount of variety and challenge are one of the reasons why roguelikes are so well-loved – who wouldn’t be lured in by ever-changing levels, attacking creatures and fighting your way through dungeons, upgrading your character along the way? … [MORE]
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