‘Locked Down’ Proves Not Even a Hollywood Heist Can Make the Pandemic Fun

Susie Allnutt/HBO MaxThe joke’s on me for thinking someone was going to make the pandemic fun.Not that it has been fun, and not even that it should be. But the last months of watching the morose, superficial, and, most often, aggrieved regurgitations of life in the early days of quarantine have been such an uninsightful slog that the lively and slick trailer for the new film Locked Down was like a beacon of hope for COVID content to come.This wasn’t going to be, it seemed, yet another insufferable spelunking of the harrowing early days of the pandemic, when precautions, quarantines, and the stress was an unfamiliar shock. No, this was going to be a movie about a couple staging a heist at the Harrods department store that took place while the rest of the world was in lockdown. Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Coronavirus Edition. How cheeky! How refreshing! How positively Hollywood!Read more at The Daily Beast.
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