Parler CEO says the service will be down ‘longer than expected’

Parler probably isn’t coming back any time soon. 
The social network that still supports Donald Trump and his followers — one of the few to do so right now — has been shut down after Amazon suspended it from its web-hosting services on MondayGoogle and Apple have already removed Parler from their respective app stores, and the service is completely inaccessible at writing time.  
Ahead of the shutdown, Parler CEO John Matze said (via screenshot by author Don Winslow) that the service will “likely be down longer than expected,” in a post on the platform. 

Parler CEO announces their entire system has been shut down, no vendors will touch them, and that will be offline for the foreseeable
— Don Winslow (@donwinslow) January 11, 2021 Read more…
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