Romantic, practical, or creepy: Should you share your location with your partner?

Some couples share everything from toothbrushes to their best friend’s secrets. But sharing your location? That’s a whole new level of intimacy.
These days, smartphones track your every move, including your location, making it easier than ever for third parties to know where we are (and, possibly, what we’re doing). And sometimes those third parties might be our partners, spouses, and significant others. But is giving them access to your whereabouts at all times actually healthy?
“The ability of smartphones to allow instant and constant precise sharing of our whereabouts has changed the rules of engagement in personal relationships,” says Karolina Bartnik, a dating and relationship expert. “So the question becomes: How do we best use these tools with someone we’re dating or our partner and where do we draw the line?”  Read more…More about Texting, Location Sharing, Relationship Advice, Tech, and Consumer Tech
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