Top 5 mobile games of 2020: Olly’s picks of the year

I’m probably going to have to revoke my Pocket Gamer staff card here, but I didn’t properly get into mobile gaming until late last year. Maybe it was because I was mad into my Xbox in the years previously, but once I discovered the number of hidden gems available on Google Play I sunk a huge amount of time this year playing as much as the store could offer.

So it’s not like I have much of a reference point for the years previously, but I reckon 2020 has been a great year for mobile gaming. Not only has there been some modern classics released on the iOS App Store and Google Play, but device streaming has become more popular with services like Google Stadia and Xbox’s xCloud letting you play big budget AAA console and PC games on your tiny mobile phone. It’s really broke new ground for what we can achieve on these tiny handheld devices. … [MORE]
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