Top 5 mobile games of 2020: Dann’s picks of the year

2020 has been a wild year for everybody and that means that it’s been a wild year for the mobile games industry on the whole – what with it being the biggest entertainment industry in the world, etc, etc. Global pandemics, political upheaval, raging forest fires, swarms of locusts, new heat records in the Arctic Circle and all sorts really…It’s unlikely we’ll look back on 2020 fondly. I mean they started trading water as a commodity on Wallstreet this year… hoo-boy!

But there have been some great games, right? Right! Last year sent us off with games like Black Desert Mobile and Oddman in its final whispers, but since then 2020 has been positively screaming with new games. I feel like I’ve really been at the frontline of it all, regularly celebrating the launches with our Games of the Week articles, and -perhaps obviously- being surrounded by mobile games during my day to day life. 2020 has truly felt like a series of years all knotted together by mishaps and chaos, but if you cast your mind back to the launch of great games like The White Door, Maze Machina, Warface: Global Operations and Pascal’s Wager then, well, you’re still thinking about this year. Yep, that was January, even if it feels like years ago. … [MORE]
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