Final Fantasy XVI: Everything We Know

One of the major announcements during the PlayStation 5 reveal stream earlier in 2020 was Final Fantasy XVI. With a lengthy trailer that set the mood and showcased a bit of gameplay, there was a lot to parse for the next mainline entry in the storied franchise. Many mainstays of Final Fantasy lore were put front and center, and you can catch glimpses of how this new game is building off of the series’ broader history and its recent past.In addition to the relatively detailed reveal trailer, Square Enix also launched an official website that contains in-depth looks at FFXVI’s new world and characters to get you started on understanding the backstory. What’s notable about this entry, in particular, is that it’s being developed by Creative Business Unit III–which is the not-so-flashy name for the division behind the incredible MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. It’s promising given that Naoki Yoshida is leading production on FFXVI–he led the team behind the rebirth of FFXIV and continues to direct the MMO, which keeps getting better and is regarded as top-tier in its storytelling. FFXVI itself is being directed by Hiroshi Takai, who has a lengthy history with Final Fantasy and Square Enix, and he was even part of developing FFXIV’s reboot.We’re still a ways away from the launch of FFXVI, but Yoshida-san has stated that a major reveal of new information on the game is coming in 2021. You can catch up on everything we know so far in the rest of this article. You should also check out our most anticipated games of 2021, or…you can read about how there’s never been a better time to get into FFXIV! Be sure to peep our roundup of 50 indie games you should have on your radar in 2021, too.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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